Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Something that meant a lot to me

Previously, my teachers aren't satisfied with my results, they are simply just not happy with my academic results, I can see through their eyes, eyes of despair. I can barely imagine how's my standardize test going to look like. Maybe I've let them down unconsciously, I can't concentrate well in every single thing I'm trying to do lately, I just can't concentrate much. I have a bad feeling that this is going to sustain for some time. My English teacher is always trying to deliver a message telling us that attitude shape our future, always embrace the processes, these are the words that I'll always bear in mind. She even introduces me some kind of interesting word like "paktology" to me, that sounds kinda weird at first, ha! On the other hand, I'm going to take NLP course soon, real soon, that is very much as I've expected it to be! Psychiatrist might be one my choices. I wouldn't give up the ship no matter what it takes to be. This wild ambition is one of the goals I wish to achieve in these few years time. I was brought up in a loving yet caring family, with many lovely friends. They are amazing, just the way they are. We're apparently getting closer and closer, and I'm pretty glad with that. We'll always keep in touch kay? Promise :)

I know it's a little awkward for me to say that but she's all the woman I want.

She means a lot to me

I know I'm not ready but I'll try for your love.
If I say you're the one, would you believe me?

You are always beautiful, always important, to me.
( Try - Asher Book )

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