Monday, December 24, 2012

Life, limitless



Life has not been easy without you sunshine
Without your laughter, without that smile
There's many feelings that I want to express, except the fact that I couldn't put them into words

Dreams happen twice, one in your dreams, one in reality.
Just that you have to work hard to fulfill them
Motto such as
Make things happen
Think out of the box
Think big
Those are what I have learned so far

Being in a competitive society
Where we are in a world of
If you want to earn something
You have to fight for everything
You have to fight for anything
Any possibilities
Before you can get them

If you were to smell the fragrance of flowers, you must first bend your waist.
Life is limitless
Dreams are limitless
Love is limitless
Imaginations are limitless
It's you
It's you who help me break through all this impossibilities

I personally liked this, my love for you is limitless :)

You make me feel like we should live while we young
Feel the air like that is your last breath
Feel the water like that is your last sip
Feel the warmth like this is the best gift from nature
Feel the love surrounding us
And you will soon notice
Love is all around

I wish you will be surprised and happy as soon as you realized that you are the only person I want to be with, until the end of the edge

Because nothing compares to the love you bring to me
It's because I know loving you as a person I can find hundreds or maybe thousands perhaps millions and billions of reasons just to be with you

I desperately want to tell you

Just how much

I miss you


I love you

Te Amo 

Action means more than words when it comes to you and me.