Saturday, June 15, 2013

Love Somebody

"Love Somebody" by Maroon 5 reminds me of this special girl who means the world to me. We have known each other since 2009, December. We didn't really get to talk face to face until July in the following year, 2010, when we get really close to each other. We have already known each other for 4 years and it still makes me excited talking to her, being with her. It was that phone call that started a whole lot of things. We have been together for 2 years and a half and it appears that at least to me, she still loves me. I want to thank her so much for loving me and letting me love her. Love is the greatest feeling in the world, because the person will always stand up for you, no matter what happens.

Her family is the most wonderful thing I have ever known, she has three siblings, an elder sister, a younger brother and sister. They are the most cheerful people that I have ever encountered. I didn't get to know much about her family, but as far as I can remember, her family is a wonderful one.

She has three little cute dogs. The interesting part, though, was she somehow made me felt interested in them, although I am not naturally attracted to dogs. This drastically changed my opinion towards dogs, because I started to feel like they are a part of life, just like how much they would mean to her. I started to learn how to deal with dogs, what is it like, what does it takes to raise dogs and all those cool stuffs. I realized raising a dog is not that bad after all. I am actually impressed with how she likes dogs a lot. That just shows how compassionate she is, not animals specifically but towards others. I always wondered how it`s like to be around your favorite person. I guess I found my answer. Being around with her makes you think that time together just isn`t enough, it never was.

Another surprising fact is that she prefers lilies over roses. I guess that's what makes her so special, at least to me. This is when I first learned to make her lilies out of paper. As much as I enjoyed making them, I don`t think my lilies are as spot on as the roses I made, though I still think that roses look better than lilies in both ways.

I remembered how much she love to dance. I can feel deep down in my heart that it is essentially the most important thing in her life. She is an amazing dancer and she never stops to draw my attention every single time she dance, her movements, her breathe. She's this talented girl who's irresistibly cute and bright. That's exactly how amazing she is. It's interesting how I was in the drum club while she was in the dance club at high school. She makes coming to school fun and enjoyable. I always look forward every day, when we can see each other and start talking about almost everything. There are days where we were busy with club activities but I always look forward to the little time we spent after we are done with the club activities. We used to perform individually and never had the chance to perform together. However, on a special occasion, we had the opportunity to perform on stage for the Blooming 20th concert. This fulfilled my dream as a performer, friend, admirer, soul mate and lover. We shared many remarkable memories on stage, off stage or any places that have our footprints on it.

The little things she whispered to me, the sensitive things that she was so embarrassed to talk to anyone about, the time we shared together, the diary that we wrote to each other, they might not seem to be special to anyone but they meant so much to me. I love how she'll draw some cute little pictures in it to make it more interesting to read, I especially love her hugs and kisses. Those are ultimately the most memorable high school moment in my life. (P/s: I still think my impression of you is flawless, until the very last day I left.)

Unfortunately, she often experience gastric pain due to genetic inheritance. Every night I pray, just so that she could take good care of herself and her pain could be reduced as much, and so she wouldn't have to suffer from pain. Having said that, I understand that this illness can never be recovered but as long it's treated with care, it would be under control and everything can still work out normally, as long as I pray, every day. I hate myself for not being able to do anything other than staying by her side. The thought of she getting hurt hurts me so much. I wish I could do something, or even anything if that`s what it takes to see a smile on her face again.

The truth is, the more I experience life, the more I realize how important she is to me. Despite the days I'm not able to reach her, I know we are mentally connected, like nothing could ever separate us. I mean, no one has ever gotten my attention like she has.

We shared a history that made us temporary connected, we met in a way that no one else could, I know she loves me, and I hope she knows I love her more than she could ever imagine.

After all the ups and downs and mess that we have been through, she`s still here, she`s still here right beside me. Thanks for sticking with me from the first day until now, I couldn't be more thankful. I really miss us so much. Words aren't enough to describe how much I miss you. I hope we can stay, I want us to stay.

This song reminds of the you and the beauty of love that surrounds us. I still believe, I still want to believe, even if it means hurting myself. Whenever I came across a picture of you, I`m reminded of your love and how much you have done for me. You will always remain special to me, deep in my heart, I love you.

I promise I'll be there for you, no matter what happens. For you and for love.

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